Yayasan Peneraju To Provide High-Income Job Opportunities

 Kuala Lumpur: Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera will cooperate with industry players from various sectors to provide opportunities for Bumiputeras to secure high-income jobs.

Chief Executive Officer, Raja Azura Raja Mahayuddin, said the logistics, electrical and electronics, communications content and infrastructure, health, tourism and business services sectors offered opportunities for Buimputeras.

“The oil and gas as well as financial services sectors, which offered high-income jobs previously, face a challenging economic landscape now,” she told a media briefing here Tuesday.

She said with the cooperation with various parties through the programmes designed, participants could be inducted into the job sectors.

Raja Azura said since the establishment of the foundation in Feb 14, 2012 until the end of last year, nearly 8,000 Bumiputeras had benefited from the 81 programmes organised with 40 partners.

Under the Budget 2016, the foundation received an allocation of RM150 million, she said.

Raja Azura said the foundation has been given the mandate to develop and nurture 40,000 Bumiputeras in various sectors of the economy by 2020. Yayasan Peneraju is a foundation under the Bumiputera Agenda Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department. – Bernama